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coffee plantation for your soul

{Imagen de un cafetal formato troost coffee}


Troost Coffee comes from a Colombian coffee plantation collected by the coffee growers whit their essences.


Post 2


One coffee, one experience

{Imagen de una persona tomando café formato troost coffee}


The experience of a cup of coffee is based on the hand of the one who harvests it for you.

Post 3


All flavors in a cup coffee

{Mapa de Colombia dentro de una tasa de café}


The genuine flavor of the country is brought by Colombian coffee growers to your hands and the flavor of the country comes to the city, by Troost Coffee.

Post 4

The aroma of a coffee in the morning

{Imagen de alguien viendo el amanecer con una taza de café en la mano}


A cup of coffee in the morning has the essence of all Colombian coffee plantations and soul peasants who collect coffee.

Post 5

Love = Coffee cup

{Digramar eso un corazón un igual y una taza de café de fondo poner foto producto “el Jardin” café }


Show your love this month whit a cup of “El Jardin” coffee. You will fall in love with its lychee and cocoa nibs flavor. Tangy, sweet acidity.

Post 6

Coffee for peace

starting collaborations with formidable trading partners


Troost Coffee promotes the production and sales of coffee whit international collaborations through the coffee for peace program so that more Colombian coffee growers can sell and export quality coffee

Post 7


To improve the quality of every aspect of coffee.

{Usar material de video live}


Willem spent endless hours fasting samples with "The Golden Coffee Box". Later on, he learned the craft of roasting in a nearby roastery, which featured a vintage 12-kilogram German roaster.

Post 8


The winner’s coffee “La Mula”

{Imagen stock de brindis pero cambiar copa por tasa de café}


"La Mula" is a Panamanian coffee made for winners by Panamanian coffee farmers. Winner of Best of Panama and two-time winner of Good Food Awards.

Post 9


{Foto stock en una ciudad de dos personas tomando café}


"El Progreso" has a flavor of Marmalade, berries, bittersweet, cacao nips, cinnamon, and fresh butter. Like a breakfast in a country.

Post 10


{imagen de taza de café rodeada de flores al fondo bolsa de café la cabra}


La Cabra is floral and sweet coffee like no other coffee he has tasted. One of the processing methods at Finca anaerobic fermentation, is a technique we’re borrowing from the wine industry.

Post 11


Cherry and coffee?

¨{Pero con cerezas al lado}


A cup of cherry-flavored coffee "EL Paisa" a coffee flavored with dark chocolate, lime, green olives, green cherries, the process used cherry fermentation for 12 hours followed by mucilage fermentation for 48 hours, all to give you a delicious mix of cherry and coffee.

Post 12


Finca Sophia “Coming soon”

{imagen en loading desde abajo hacia arriba}


Finca Sophia is an experimental farm because of the extreme altitude this coffee is more special than others sometimes and we wondered if coffee would even grow so high. What challenges does extreme altitude create for coffee production?

Post 13 (reel)

Grind process


Quality coffee by Troost Coffee in collaboration with Colombian coffee growers like Diego

Post 14 (reel)

French press


Don't you fancy a French press?

Post 15 (reel)



Willem has worked around the world at the highest level which has resulted in in-depth knowledge of the coffee industry making him a world-renowned resource for his unique expertise.